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About Our Equipment Rental Service

Anywhere Media was established in 2020, with the idea to bring a quality Rental Service to Houston and its surrounding areas. Our passion for excellence is what drove us from the beginning, and it continues to push us each day. At Anywhere Media, we believe that offering the best rentals, even the most basic of items, can make a big difference in the lives of our customers. Especially now more than ever, you as well as anyone else are probably going insane in the house staying quarantined, so even if it's still at home in your backyard or a park nearby of your choosing, Anywhere Media can bring you an outdoor cinema to just about any setting, all you have to do is ask & book!


The Different Occasions

We set up wherever you want to go



At Anywhere Media, we make bring the party to you. Invite us to help deliver the best experience ever, while practicing social distancing.

*For special accommodations or requests, please contact us at:


Date Night

At Anywhere Media, we strive to make this the most romantic setting for you and your date. From proposals, to just a night out with your boo, we will help make it special!

*For special accommodations or requests, please contact us at:


Backyard Cinemas

Anywhere Media wants to bring you an experience to your backyard. In the midst of COVID-19, there isn't much we can do but we got you covered. We bring the movies to you, while practicing social distancing.

*Source of power required for set-up. Portable generator available upon request. For special accommodations, please contact us at:


Movie Night at the Park

At Anywhere Media, we can go ANYWHERE. A movie night in the park is a perfect way to stay socially distanced from everyone all while enjoying the company of friends & family. 

*In order to set-up your rental equipment in a park of your choosing, PERMITS MAY BE REQUIRED. Please contact your park of choice to obtain your permit. Many permits may be at an additional charge, based on the park. If you would like us to obtain a permit for you, please email us at: